Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A quick word about Step One

This is the photo that started it all. Step One is someone I have known since I was in grade school, we were friends. Everyone grows up, moves away and loses touch.
Fast forward 16 years. We are thrown into the same social circle by a relationship between mutual school friends. We get in touch again and I see some pictures of him and damn. Then I run into him at the wedding and double damn; but at this time I am still quite married and don't pursue anything (not that I have morals about cheating, but I was working on being a better wife at that particular time). I even tried to set him up with a friend of mine at one point, never admitted before that I was quite happy it never happened.
Fast forward again, but this time only a couple of months. I am newly separated but ready to join the world again. I run into him at a small social event and we start chatting. I mention that I am now single, he pulls up a chair, we talk all afternoon. From there it moves to some mild workday flirting on Facebook. Then he kiddingly suggests I send him racy photos. Coincidently, that day I am in Frederick's of Hollywood bra shopping...I snap that photo, send it to him and it all degrades to a smutfest relatively quickly. There are dozens of dirty photos and filthy e-mails back and forth. We set a date, we fuck...and then we go back to being friends.
I miss the dirty photos and the filthy e-mails...I can admit it.

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