Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Girl Talk

Me: Gay teens, they're everywhere.
Her: awesome
     if i had the role models then that are around now, i would never have gotten married
     i would have totally recognized early on
Me: awww
     you're not gay
     you're just a dirty slut
     you swing every way
     and good for you
Her: i am totally bi, bitch...love women a hell of a lot more than men
     men are yucky unless im drunk enough to fuck them
Me: I love the cock
Her: except for PSD, i'd do him sober
Me: if I could put a woman's lips on a man with a great cock
     and thank you for that
     I'd be thrilled
Her: hahahahaaaa
     i think thats why M and i work...i'm blindfolded