Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maybe this is cheating...

...but read this post I wrote one year ago today: Being Single on Facebook

How times have changed.

Bangin' in the New Year

My last post was about the Passion Party. Turns out we have had a string of good parties, starting with that one. A few days after the Passion Party we had a regular ole' Saturday night shindig. We eschewed our normal Grape Bomb shots for old fashioned Lemon Drops. My regular partner-in-crime makes some of the best Lemon Drops in the world. Sweet talk me and I will post the recipe (...but seriously, I need to hear how awesome I am). We imbibed, oh Lordie Lord, did we imbibe. I know I lost count after 10 shots. Friends that I have never seen drunk drunk were THAT drunk. There were no less than two women cuffed to my bed and at least four people had sex on my bed that night (yes, I was one of them). It was mainly a hen party plus a couple of male friends who think of my sister and me as family. This meant that PSD was the King of the Jungle that night. Oh yeah, life is good.

A couple of weeks later was New Year's Eve. The three of us had nothing to do so we set up a party invite on Facebook and invited everyone we know. We weren't expecting much of a turn-out, as most of our friends are pretty cool and have other friends. Lo and behold, their other friends suck/they're not as cool as I thought/hanging with us IS that much fun, we had a full house. Yadda yadda yadda, shots...yadda yadda yadda, people making out everywhere...yadda yadda yadda, all three of us just passed out in my bed.

Oh, I should back up a little bit here. My aforementioned partner-in-crime and PSD get along famously. At some point in the night they were making out in my kitchen and she grabbed me and told me he kisses a lot like me (that's a compliment). Toward the end of the night we were deciding who was crashing on my couch and who was OK to drive, and she informed me that she couldn't sleep in the living room alone with Clothespin (who was sleeping on one couch) and she had to sleep with us. I informed her that was a very silly excuse (he is harmless) and if she wanted to sleep with us she just had to ask.

I went back to the living room to tuck Clothespin in (I'm very maternal) and when I returned to my room they were both naked. My partner-in-crime immediately insisted I get naked and climb into bed with them. PSD is such a "nice guy" normally, so it is an incredible turn-on for me when he's so sexually assertive.

She didn't mention if he fucks like me, probably not since I don't have a cock...but she did mention that "'s sooooooo goooooooooooood" a few dozen times.