Saturday, December 27, 2008

An AFF Success!

Amid the losers and trash, you occasionally find a good one.

I had received a message on AFF from a guy who lives elsewhere in the state, but travels down here. We exchanged a few messages and then switched to instant messenger. I liked chatting with him, he was (as my friends and I say) "one of us." He was in my area for the holiday, free for the evening and leaving the next day. Did I want to meet him that night for a drink? Yeah, I think I did.

He had plans earlier in the day, we chatted on the phone, texted back and forth and then I set out to meet him. We met at one of my favorite bars, had a few drinks. Did I mention he was cute? Very cute. Since we were in the downtown area, we decided to go for a walk around town. Did I mention he was a good kisser? Very good kisser. Lots of little alleys between the buildings to duck into and kiss and grope, so we did. Hey look, a parking garage. A reasonably deserted one at that. So we took the elevator to the completely deserted roof. It was a gorgeous night, cool and breezy. More kissing and groping...and what do you know?

AFF is a hook-up site, after all.

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