Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Life: The Porno

I've always said that my life story is best suited to a cartoon, silly and full of colorful characters. The truth is, it's probably best suited to a porno. Silliness and colorful characters translate to porno...but all this sex would just be creepy as a cartoon.

Some of the highlights...think of it as a teaser trailer for the movie.
  • I had an affair with a married man. One night he called and detoured me while I was en route to a first date. I met him at his office, where he fucked me and then sent me off to meet my date. I spent the entire dinner making idle chit-chat about who-knows-what with proof of his "love" making a pool in my panties.
  • One gorgeous winter evening, a date and I were bar-hopping through downtown, wandering in and out of dark, hidden areas designed for kissing and groping. We went to the roof of a parking garage for a better vantage point of the city and to enjoy the beautiful weather. We ended up having sex out in the open, standing up in one of the parking spaces. Twice.
  • I went out with a friend and his girlfriend one evening. We got home late, a little tipsy...and at least two of us were very horny. If you guessed that I was one of the two, you are correct. I climbed into bed next to him, and we had anal sex in front of his girlfriend, who simply watched from the other side of the bed.
My mind is all over the place. Current events, cooking, work, school, a vacation that's still 9 month away, it never ends. My brain never shuts off...but it has one constant: sex. Sometimes I joke that I should be a teenaged boy, I think about sex so much. If we have ever met, I have given at least a moment's thought to how you kiss or what you'd be like in bed.

Having sex always on my mind does have its benefits, such as the ability to go from 0-60 in about three seconds. Maybe this is the reason that life as part of a committed couple is just as hot, if not hotter sometimes, than single life. We live together, we trust one another...there is no more wooing necessary. We don't have to be on our best behavior for the kids anymore. And if I am almost always ready to go, imagine the possibilities.

It's not at all uncommon to find myself bent over the washing machine while the kids play outside for a few minutes. I was up at 4:45 am and started planning this blog post in my mind, by 5:10 I had to wake him up for sex. More than once, I have been rudely interrupted by a cock pressing against me while I was washing the dishes. I commented to a friend that I have had sex more times this month than I did in 2005...and we're closing in on 2005 and 2006 combined.

My porno would definitely not be an AVN award-winning porno, it would be underappreciated in its time. Most likely, it would be just campy enough to become a cult classic. There have been some amazingly hot experiences in my life, but there have been just as many goofy experiences. What makes it porno-worthy is my ability to own my sexuality. I don't hide from my sexuality. I pepper my conversations with innuendo, I relate sexual anecdotes as easily as anecdotes about my daughter and I probably make a lot of people uncomfortable. Some people would call me brazen, but it's just honesty...I believe it's natural, normal and healthy to feel this way.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sex Drought

We haven't had sex since 6:30 yesterday morning.

That's almost 36 hours...I'm finding it hard to carry on.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eliminating Mr. Right-Now

Recently, while chatting with Sexy Bitch about men and sex and relationships, I realized something...I didn't go on a lot of third dates. Hell, I barely went on second dates. Perhaps this portion of our exchange might offer some clues:
Her: I had the rebound
the awkward tryst
time for the confidence booster

Me: Oh, I miss those
not awkward trysts
the first time things
that split second, right before someone new penetrates you for the first time
before you realize he's a disappointment, too

I have never believed in wasting my time on anything. I don't subscribe to the idea of Mr. Right-Now. If you're not a potential Mr. Right, why should I waste my time with you? That's what fuckbuddies are for, to take care of those needs without wasting time or interfering in the hunt for Mr. Right.

First dates are easy; you meet somewhere, it's awkward and you make a snap decision about the second date right then and there. I walked into my date with 23 prepared to bail as early as possible, but it went well. There was a second date, a real date, with dinner and everything. But once we started having sex, there were only hookups.

That is what usually happened. They either fell into the hookup category or the friends with bennies category. There were no more dates, there was no more pretense. My motto: You want to fuck me, I want to fuck you...let's not waste my valuable time.

My first date with The Traveling Jew went very well. The next time he came to town, I went to his hotel to pick him up and ended up putting out as well. To his credit, he took me out for a nice dinner afterward. But then he made a tragic mistake, he held my hand as we walked back to the car and then wanted to cuddle after sex we had sex again. Aaaand, the nice guy has been eliminated from the competition. Thank you for playing, sir.

So what set some men apart?

Wow, I'd love to have some amazingly cool answer that makes you blush, but I don't. Who survived the longest? The only ones that made it to third dates were Brady Bunch, Clothespin and PSD. Brady Bunch and I had gone to the same school, knew the same people and had daughters the same age. Clothespin and I had a ton of similar interests, ranging from photography to Battlestar Galactica. PSD and I were just about the same person and had too many things in common to count. So, even in my quest to broaden my sexual horizons and conquer the male race, I ended up with the people who had the most in common with me.

At my ball-busting best, the idea of cuddling or holding hands horrified me. It's not that I stopped believing in love, but my tough-girl persona scorned the idea of mushiness with just "some guy." But maybe, it wasn't me, it was them...they were just the wrong guys.

When Clothespin grabbed my hand on our way into the restaurant on our first date, I didn't punch him, I didn't even think about it. And looking back, PSD held my hand on our first date...and we snuggled a little after we had sex...and I even contemplated spending the night...all that first night. I had no clue he was Mr. Right, but I knew he had Mr. Right potential.

And after I met him, there were some more first dates; but that's all they were.

I set up our second date, via text, while I was on a first date with someone else.
Tacky? Maybe.
Worth it? Definitely.