Monday, May 31, 2010

Accepting Failure

I am a beautiful 35 year old woman, who is lucky to have a wonderful man with an equally exuberant sex drive in her life. I am grateful for everything we have...including the apparent inability to fuck like teenagers.

I had to accept this fact when we failed to meet a simple goal we had set for ourselves: to have sex five times a day each day of the holiday weekend. It seemed so simple; left to our own devices we usually do it two to three times a day on weekends. There was no reason not to be able to pound out (pardon my pun) more when we set our minds and genitalia to it. No reason, except of course, the fact that we are no longer 21 years old.

We have responsibilities.
We have social lives.
We have age-appropriate energy levels.
We have no desire to injure ourselves in the pursuit of cheap thrills.

I can't be the one who actually said that! Me? The girl who spent her twenties pitting her cardiovascular system against an endless supply of cocaine just for jollies? The same girl who engaged in random sex with a parade of clowns she met on AFF?

Yes, I said it.

Believe me, we tried, even though life conspired against us. PSD spent Saturday morning sick as a dog. Sunday was a day full of social engagements. Today was lazy and delicious. We tried, even going as far as sneaking off to a guest bathroom at the party last night. But we're not teenagers. We're not even in our twenties anymore. Hell, we're barely in our thirties anymore.

What we are is savvy. We're comfortable in our own skins. We're confident. We're compatible. We're satisfied in every way. We're just fine with the fact that we can't do it five times a day. We can take pride in the fact that we had a lot of fun trying...and we came damn close.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Last night, we fell asleep after #4.
Neither of us had anything left to give.

Tonight we are going to a party. The birthday girl knows our mission for the weekend.

She told us we can do it at the party and she will videotape it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

And we are underway!

The Memorial Day Weekend Sex-A-Thon has begun!

We got in late last night, around 2:30, and crashed right away. Despite the copious amounts of alcohol, food and weed that were ingested last night, we were up at 7:30ish, as usual. PSD wasted no time poking at me from behind until he found the spot he was looking for. He was quite enthusiastic, not to mention extremely hard. But not long after the post-sex shudders subsided, last night's festivities took a toll on him and he ran for the bathroom.

He spent most of the day in bed, with the pillows piled on top of his head. Finally, some time well after noon he emerged from the bedroom and we began our day. One of the stops of the day was Old Navy...big sale! While he was perusing the men's polo shirts, I had an idea. I grabbed my items, the ones that I didn't need to try on, and ran to the fitting room. I took off my clothes and texted him, asking him to meet me back there. He didn't seem to get my first hint: me, in just a thong, grinding my crotch against him as I backed him into a corner and kissed him. But he's no dummy, he caught on after a few minutes.

Here is a little known factoid, girls...the benches in the Old Navy fitting rooms are the perfect height to place your hands on when you are bent over, getting fucked from behind.

Sex in a fitting room PLUS clothes on sale is a WIN-WIN for today! Now we just need to find time to do it three more times before we go to sleep tonight.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Goals and Achievements

As you may have read, I hurt my back right after PSD had a nasty cold, which led to no sex for an unfathomable amount of a week, I think. No bueno.

Not long after we got back into our groove, I went away with my family for a week. The night I came home, we started to make up for lost time...and then I ended up sick. No bueno.

This past weekend I was childless but he had his son, so I spent the weekend over there. We managed an average of twice a day, but I still feel like we are slacking. Therefore, I proposed a challenge for next weekend; it is a three day weekend and we have no children the whole weekend long. We will manage to do it five times every day next weekend! Excessive? Absolutely. Juvenile? Perhaps. Do I give a shit? Not at all.

I believe a goal of 15 times next weekend is reasonable and no matter what we actually manage, attempting to accomplish it will certainly be fun.

Stay tuned for results.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Memory Lane

Just for funsies, I logged onto AFF tonight to update my profile to reflect that (a) I am in a relationship and (b) we might be looking for a girl or another couple to play with.

I forgot just how goddamned pushy the men on there can be! On the one hand, you have to admire their never-ending tenacity. On the other hand, it's repulsive.

Hello there,

I will be staying in Boca Thursday night the 8th of April and I would love to see you -- I travel back and forth to Boca very often...I think we are looking for the same thing and I would love to fill your desires as well as mine.. My personal e mail address is at AOL dot COM and name is BAHBOO1xxx the OO are letters.
I cant wait to hear from you.
Or we can communicate here - your call..
Bye for now,
XXO Anthony
PS: I love your photos -- you are stunning!!!

------ Profile Attached -------

I am a very sexual Italian man that will please you however you like - just let me know what you enjoy and I will make it happen for you. I love undressing you slowly, Havings the lights on during sex so we can each others bodies, Softly kissing your lips / having are tongues sensually intertwined, Orally pleasing each other, Scented candles, Sharing our fantasies, Soflty whispering in your ear and just making you feel good all over your body.... I love to listen to a women's needs and I really enjoy pleasing her the way she likes (just tell me the way you like being touched, kissed, licked and I will make you feel that way)so we both can explode together....
How many women do you think he sent that to? My guess is more than one. What the fuck would he do if more than one woman actually responded and said yes?

I have learned a valuable lesson...

When I want to post pictures of ugly cocks on my blog from now on, I will save and upload the photos. So many of the pictures I linked to have been removed.

I'm sad. Nothing makes me happier than ragging on an ugly cock pic.