Monday, February 23, 2009

Odd and Random Coincidence

Whilst running through my myriad of AFF messages several weeks back, I came across a rather amusing message. The guy just had a dorky sense of humor, even in the first, opening e-mail. We all know how I love that. I wrote back and the e-mail exchange began.

Before long we were chatting online, then on the telephone. I knew he was also a single parent of a young child, living not too far from me. Because of this, I felt more comfortable than usual talking about my daughter. I mentioned something they were learning about in school, and he commented that his son was learning the same thing. Maybe it's a rather standard preschool curriculum, I thought.

Later in the conversation he made another comment that made me wonder about the coincidence. I asked him where his ex-wife lived, assuming his son went to school near there. He told me there was a great preschool down the street. I know, I told him, because that's where I used to live and where my daughter goes to school, also.

Odd and random. Good thing we hit it off when we met in person a few weeks ago.

Although we haven't run into one another at drop-off or pick-up (I am usually running late in the morning and I work later than he does in the evenings), there was a big school event the morning after I spent the night the first time. My legs still a bit weak, I rushed out the door to meet my family and head down there, just to run into him before we even found our seats. Maybe at the next school event, I will dare to sneak a kiss.

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