Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Freak Flag

Why do people cheat?

For sex...yes.
For affection...yes.
To feel desired...yes.

Why do people need those things outside the confines of their relationship?
My guess would be that the relationship is lacking them somehow.

It's not a blame thing...it's not an exoneration thing...it's just a fact.
Some people are just not meant to be together.

I cheated for a number of reasons. My ex was the first man I ever let my Freak Flag fly with, but once we got married it was all "You're my wife now, I can't do that with you." No one likes a limp Freak Flag drooping in the wind, a Freak Flag is meant to fly.

Affair sex is free and exciting. You can do whatever you want, because who's going to judge you? The other unhappily married person in the room who is currently balls deep inside you? Probably not because (a) that would be slightly hypocritical and (b) then you probably won't be rushing to meet him at the local La Quinta Inn on your lunch break for much longer.

But affairs are complicated, and unless you end up in a long-term extramarital relationship, the sex is never fulfilling enough. It's like a drug - you're always chasing that high.

What's the point, Fyre?

I'm getting there...chill baby baby chill...

Some people are never meant to be monogamous, this is true. They will never be happy in a traditional monogamous relationship, they will always cheat...which goes back to my earlier point about some people not meaning to be together.

But some of us are great in the right relationship.
Some of us thrive in the right relationship.

My Freak Flag has found a permanent home and he planted his right next to mine. I am not lacking affection and sex. I am having affair sex in my marriage, which is the best possible combination for me.


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