Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 4: Against all odds

Last night, night four, seemed hopeless. I was home with one sick kid all day...then the daycare called because the baby had a fever. I fed everyone soup, bathed everyone and finally fell into bed...exhausted.

We started kissing.

Me: How will we know if it's been fifteen minutes?
Him: I think it's more important we set the time aside for intimacy then time ourselves, right?
Me: I guess.
Him: *witty retort*
Me: Stop it, or I am just going to end up laughing for fifteen minutes.
Him: Isn't laughing together in bed intimate?
Me: I guess so...
Him: *nibbles my ear*
Me: Uunnnnggghhhhhhhmmmmm... (totally paraphrasing here)

It's a good thing I had put on the fresh, lacy panties before I came to bed...just in case.

I think we are really staring to get the point of this challenge. By setting aside a few minutes for ourselves and our relationship every day, we are spending more time than ever laughing together...and all the fucking is a nice bonus.

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