Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From "Hook Up Tonight" to "Happily Ever After"

It started out so innocently. A quick message on a hook-up site...a nice sushi dinner followed by a fantastic fuck...followed by another fantastic fuck...followed by another fantastic fuck...and that was just our first date!
At least we didn't disappoint the creators of Adult Friend Finder, we used it for its intended purpose: we met, we hooked up...but then we fell in love, moved in together...and then on November 27, 2010, PSD proposed to me.

I was flabbergasted, excited, nervous, amazed, grateful...so many feelings all at once. I'm a very lucky girl, and I know it. A lot of people don't get a second chance like this.

Ms. Sexy Bitch pointed out that I give hope to Bad Girls everywhere...there can be a happy ending (and not just the hand job variety). And I never had to be anything BUT myself.

He read the blog BEFORE we even met IRL...he knew what he was up against. I never pretended to be a "lady" or played all those stupid games they tell you to play in books...I never tempered myself in the bedroom or watched my language...I never held back an emotion, good bad or indifferent...and he wouldn't want me any other way.

You want to see the ring, don't you? It's quite lovely...

I asked him if it felt different now that he was fucking his fiancée instead of just his girlfriend...he just smiled and spanked my ass.

Yep, he's the one for me.