Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sweet Talker

PSD has a cold, no biggie but he's pretty run-down. Last night, we went to bed early, around 10 pm; when I offered a bedtime handjob, he declined. But at 2 in the morning, I got an unsolicited "my cock is awake even though the rest of me is not" fuck.

He just IM'd me to tell me he's feeling a lot better today, I asked what we were doing tonight.

PSD: Tonight Glee, study and R&R - with a little dirty playtime
Me: yes sir
PSD: And you have been a bad girl too.
Me: have I?
Me: are you sure you have the energy to prove that?
PSD: Enough to take care of you.
Me: are you sure?
Me: you'll probably have to tie me down to make sure
PSD: Oh yes
Me: I fucking love you
PSD: And I fucking love you too

*Edited to add:
Me: Happy 3 month anniversary!
PSD: Happy anniversary - last night I thought to myself that I have never gone to bed angry or upset with you.
Me: the same
PSD: I am so happy :)
Me: I am so happy too :)
PSD: And you will be even happier later *wink*
Me: Promise?
PSD: Yes
Me: whooohoooooo

Read above: Happily-in-love mushpot!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Performance vs. Passion

Male friend: Oh, I'd bang the hell out of her. She's such a spinner.
Me: But she doesn't seem like she'd be passionate.
Male friend: Huh?
Me: *sigh*

I would like to go on record as saying this: Sex is not only about technique.
If you don't know what I am talking about, I feel for you.

Think back on the best sexual experience you have ever had.
Did it seem as smooth as a carefully edited porno?
Or was it wild, crazy and a little bit sloppy?
God, I hope for your sake you picked the second one...if not, you are missing out. 

Perfection is never boring <@> (that is the Snark Mark, which indicates the prior comment was said sarcastically). Who wouldn't want a carefully scripted sexual encounter <@> (let's just assume that everything I say has a hint of snark and leave it at that)? It's so gratifying to know exactly what is coming, how you're supposed to react to it and how long it is going to last. Then you can practice your fake O face in front of the mirror in your free time.

I had sex with someone once, someone I had wanted to fuck for a long time. Afterward, I was gossiping with a girlfriend and she asked how it was. When I said it was good, she asked me "just good?" So I explained to her that technically I had been properly fucked...but there was no spark, no passion. Yes, he knew which hole to put it in, he knew exactly how hard to thrust, yes I got off and that was about it.

The difference between good sex and great sex is that spark. It is the difference between knowing exactly how hard to thrust and pushing it just a teensy bit further because you are lost in the sensations. It is the impulse to kiss, gnaw, bite, claw and wrap yourself around your partner. It is the difference between looking like a sweaty yet satisfied mess and looking like a perfectly coiffed yet bored to death porn star. It is the impulse to pull hair, smack asses and collapse into a completely satiated puddle at the end, screaming, "Fuck the dismount!"

That moment when you give yourself over to the feeling, when you stop worrying about how you look, if you're doing it right, what anyone thinks and you are just IN the moment...THAT is the passion I am talking about. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: Climax Bursts Anal Lubricant

I had purchased a new anal toy (will review that once we have tried it) and figured I would get some lube designed for the situation.  I read some reviews (people do review lube) and settled on this one.  It has a nifty top that is very easy to open, even one-handed and very impossible to lose, even in the heat of the moment.  It's definitely an anal lube...we tried it once as a regular lube and my clit was just numb enough that it was impossible to cum.  Torturous!  But that slight numbing effect is great in an anal lube.  You can't feel the little Vitamin E beads bursting inside your ass, but it's slippery goodness in a phallic shaped bottle.

You know you want a bottle, so give it a try: Climax Bursts Anal Lube

(Unfortunately, I could not get Adam & Eve to pull up the product page for me to link to it, so I provided a link to the Amazon page.)

We should catch up!

Text Message
April 22, 2011 6:49 AM
Me: Statistically, any day that starts with anal sex is a good day. #justsaying
Male BFF: Statiscally speaking, seeing that anal constitutes 0.00671% of my sexual activity, I'd say it'd be a phenomenal day.
Me: I like your positive outlook!
Married life is good, thanks for asking.

What have we been up to?
The usual: being great parents, having sex as often as we can, working, hanging out with friends, school (finals are coming up), inadvertently picking up friend's girlfriends on swingers websites...nothing out of the ordinary.

I'm perusing profiles on and I come across a local couple with the intro:
Secure, committed couple..he with previous experience, her being new, but eager. Right now, we are just starting out and looking to play only with each other. We don't mind watching or being watched by others in the room, but no swapping right now. Finding a couple that is fun, sociable and that we get along with outside of the bedroom would be a big plus!
Some of the people on SLS are pushy, like "meet us this weekend" by the second message and when you don't respond they flood you with "still interested?" messages non-stop.  Anyone who has been with me since my AFF days knows I am not about the cheap hook-up, so I write to them:
Sorta new to this as well...looking more to meet same-minded friends than just hookup. Nice to see we're not the only ones. :-)
Two days later I get a message from one of my IRL friends on Facebook:
So, how do I put this....... on my girlfriend and I. And we so appreciate you writing and yes, is nice to see some people with a little different philosophy.
Hahahaha, only me.